Our Story

hope street candle co.

Hope Street Candle Co. Founders Brando Casalicchio and Cara Luke


Our Story

If you start looking, you'll find that many cities have a Hope Street.

Our Hope Street is in Providence, Rhode Island. We moved here in 2018 when Brando's Navy career brought us to New England. We quickly grew to love Rhode Island's deep history, strong culture, and natural beauty. We made our first home together here and got married here, and we love to explore this small state and its endless beauty.

In Rhode Island, Hope is everywhere - probably because it's the state motto, said to be derived from Hebrews 6:19 which roughly translates to "Hope we have as an anchor to the soul." Anchors are commonly used as a symbol of home, whether it be a physical place or a feeling of comfort. Our goal at Hope Street Candle Co. is to give you that feeling whenever you light one of our candles.

Our Values

We believe that everyone deserves to feel at home. That's why 10% of our profits from our classic port of providence candle support Adoption RI, a local organization that helps children and teens placed in foster care find a permanent home and provides other needed forms of support. 

We believe in sustainable business practices and localized supply chains. Our containers are reusable, American-made glasses that can be reused as a drinking glass (follow our Instagram for new drink recipes each week!). Our candles are made from American grown, sustainable soy wax, and we avoid using plastics in our packaging.

We believe in providing a great customer experience and a high quality product. We pride ourselves in the candles we make in our home studio, and we know you'll love them too! 

Our Candles

Hope Street Candle Co. candles are poured by hand in our home studio in Rhode Island. We use 100% soy wax and pure cotton wicks. 100% soy candles burn cleaner and longer than paraffin or soy wax blend candles, and they're non-toxic.

We don't add any chemicals to our candles. Because of this, the wax pour may appear slightly uneven in some candles, but they will still burn evenly. No two candles are exactly the same but their scents and burning times are consistent. 

Our candles produce a scent strong enough to fill a room without overpowering your senses. We offer a small selection of carefully curated scents. We offer a new seasonal scent each month, many of which are inspired by our life in Rhode Island. Sign up for our Ships Chandlery and never miss a new scent (at a discount, with free shipping!)


Hope Street Candle Co.