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Hope Street Candle Co. candles are hand poured in Rhode Island with reusable containers, soy wax, and cotton wicks.

product description: with your subscription, you'll receive our newest seasonal scented candle each month. choose from our classic 9 oz. tumbler, our 6 oz. tin, or a pair that includes both. you'll save over 25% from regular prices.

details: we will ship you the current month's scent at the time you place your order, unless otherwise specified. email us at info@hopestreetcandle.co if you prefer to wait until next month for your first shipment.

what is a ships chandlery?: since rhode island's founding, port merchants called ship chandlers would provide essential items for the sailors who would stop in their town. the word "chandler" comes from candlemakers - and candles were always an essential for sailors to provide light on their journeys. ship chandlers were known for providing a high level of service and quick turnaround, as sailors often only had a few days in town before they had to return to sea. 

in spirit of this seaport merchant tradition, hope street candle co. is offering a monthly subscription service for our seasonal scents. you'll be the first to receive each new release. you can skip any month you don't want, and you have the option to cancel at any time. all subscription orders ship free within the US!

100% American. Environmentally friendly packaging. Free shipping, always.

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