Introducing the Ships Chandlery Monthly Candle Subscription + Our Newest Scent

You Asked, We Listened!

Several of our customers have requested that we offer a monthly candle subscription service. So now we're excited to announce our "candle of the month club", the Ships Chandlery monthly subscription!

What does Ships Chandlery mean, you ask?

A ships chandlery was a business common in seafaring towns in days of old. When sailors would make port, a ships chandlery would provide all their essentials, like sailcloth, twine, and whales oil. Among those essentials were candles, as candles were used as a light source on sailboats. In fact, the word "chandler" originally means "candlemaker." Ships chandlers were known for providing quality service and fast turnaround times, and that's what we aim to provide to our Hope Street customers today.

When you sign up for our monthly subscription service, you'll be the first to receive our newest seasonal scent each month, starting with next month's scent, Rose Island (read more about that below.)

You'll have the option to skip any month and/or cancel at any time. As a thank you to those who subscribe, we're offering a discounted rate and free shipping on all subscription orders within the US. Plus you'll get a free matchbox with your first order. You can choose to receive a 9 oz tumbler, 6 oz tin, or both.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today


New Seasonal Rotation Debuting March 1st: Rose Island

Get into the spirit of spring with a fresh floral scented candle. Primary notes of fresh roses.

We named this candle after Rose Island, a small island off the coast of Newport that is only accessible by boat. Legend has it that the island was named Rose Island because the land takes the shape of a rose at low tide. Rose Island is home to a beautiful lighthouse which provided guidance to sailors for many decades, but is now a historic landmark and tourist destination.